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YWAM Finland runs trainings around the year in several locations. The basic training in our organisation is called DTS (Discipleship Training School). DTS is not a traditional Bible school where a Bible book or theology is systematically studied, but more like “life at Jesus’ feet”. It’s not so much about learning new information, but getting to know God’s love, the big picture of the Bible, and Jesus’ most important teachings practically, enjoying the unity of believers, and giving your all in the mission field. DTS is a different and personal journey to every student, but carries the YWAM DNA opening up the doors to all YWAM ministries and trainings.

After completing DTS, you can apply to YWAM staff or a second level school. You will find more information about DTS and other schools ran in Finland below.

DTS – Discipleship Training School

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Discipleship Training School (DTS) is the basic course at YWAM’s University of the Nations. The purpose of the course is to lead students to know God on a deeper level and to help everyone find their gifts and place in life – and maybe even in the missions.

Different DTSes have a bit different emphasis but the basic structure and goal is the same: Know God and make Him known. YWAM DTS always includes about 12 weeks of lectures and at least 8 weeks of reaching out, which mostly takes place abroad.

DTSs have been organised worldwide for over 40 years, and in Finland already since 1974 although first under a different name.

Experimental learning and community are emphasised in DTS. Typical lecture week is pretty intensive; teaching or other program is often arranged six days a week. The lecture phase also includes some reaching out like visits, practical serving, and organising events. DTS teachers come from both Finland and abroad.

Learning and doing together, as well as intersession and worship, are important elements in DTS. The aim of a DTS is to direct students to a personal growth process, finding their identity as God’s children, caring for their God relationship and relationships with others, and recognising their gifts and callings.

The international training phase, or outreach, is part of a DTS. Outreach offers a great opportunity to put  in practise right away what you have learned as well as to be part of God’s answer to the challenges of this world. During the outreach, you get to be a part of mission work and development cooperation in a foreign culture through e.g. local churches.

Discipleship Training Schools are open for people of all ages. Nevertheless, some courses are specifically designed to be multigenerational. For instance the possibility to attend a course with children, vary from course to course. The outreach phase might, depending on the destination, require good health and physical condition.

A completed DTS, whether in Finland or abroad, is a precondition for the University of the Nations’ second level schools or staffing at YWAM. University of the Nations ( trainings are organised in countless locations in all continents.

DTS is designed to encourage students to develop their character, build their living relationship with God, and recognise their unique gifts and callings. Understanding new cultures and international awareness are elements continuously present in DTS to prepare the students to reach the present and future generations and thus obeying Jesus’ great commission: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations” Matt 28:19.

Heart for Israel DTS

In Ruurikkala

Heart for Israel DTS

Heart for Israel DTS in Ruurikkala is one of a kind, aiming at personal growth, strong God relationship, and finding your own calling, as well as at creating a healthy, clear, and purposeful relationship to the Jewish nation and the land that we call Israel. While learning about ourselves and God, we also get to learn about God’s plans for Israel.

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CrossRoads DTS

In Koivumäki

CrossRoads DTS

Crossroads DTS (CDTS) is YWAM’s Discipleship Training School directed to people over the age of 35 years (not limited), and is also open for couples. CDTS provides an inspiring opportunity to develop and explore your calling in missions and ministry. Students often come searching spiritual renewal, vision, or new direction.

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Harvest DTS

In Ruurikkala August 2019

Harvest DTS

Harvest DTS is a Bible based six month training designed to encourage personal growth and to cultivate a living relationship with God. DTS is actually an adventure directed by the student and Jesus together.

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Helsinki DTS

In Helsinki July 2019

Helsinki DTS

Helsinki DTS includes a lecture phase in the beautiful Helsinki and an outreach in the world. We want to know God and make Him known while we equip our students to reach others with the Gospel.

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Worship DTS

In Koivumäki June 2018

Worship DTS

To disciple and see people transformed by Christ from different age groups who will proclaim the gospel and serve in different spheres of societies out of their intimate relationship with the Lord.

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All for Jesus DTS

In Oulu September 2018

All for Jesus DTS

The heartbeat of this Discipleship Training School is Love and Unity. Jesus said, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Come and let us experience God’s transforming love together and be united in His presence.

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Cross Borders DTS

In Rovaniemi September 2018

Cross Borders DTS

Do you get excited about challenges and having a deep relationship with God? Would you like to cross cultural, geographical and your personal borders in a safe environment? Would you like to share the love of Jesus in the Northern Cap and till the ends of the earth? Give God six months and see how He does miracles in and around you! Welcome to Finnish Lapland!

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BCC – Bible Core Course

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Bible Core Course (BCC) is an intensive three month course during which the Bible is read through once. We dive deeper into about 14 Old and New Testament books with the help of experienced teachers. Studying God’s Word does not have to be boring!  You get to use your creativity during the course. When you study the living Word, you will come to see how it starts to renew and change you!


In Rovaniemi April 2018

Purpose of BCC

– To learn the inductive Bible study method.
– Get inspired to go deeper in your Bible study. Learn to understand what the Sciptures meant for the original readers and how to apply God’s principles in your life.
– To learn how to teach the Bible to others through preaching, teaching and small group.

Prerequisites: YWAM’s Discipleship Training School (DTS)

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SOE – School Of Evangelism

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YWAM’s first school was the School of Evangelism. It was born out of a God given vision. During the first years of the organisation’s existence, YWAMers were wanted to be given more opportunities to prepare for their ministries. The first school was ran in Lausanne, Switzerland by Loren and Darlene Cunningham.

Today SOEs are held all over the world but only in few locations.The goal of the SOE is to prepare the students for full time ministry. The program prepares the students to evangelise, strengthen their character, build a lasting foundation for their lives, find their gifts, and develop skills needed in ministry.

SOE consists of 12 weeks of lectures and 10 weeks of intercultural outreach in Finland and abroad following God’s leading.


In Koivumäki April 2019


The goals of SOE

  • Train the students to evangelise through teaching and practical training.
  • Help the students find their gifts and callings.
  • Start new ministries according to the vision of a student, staff, or YWAM Koivumäki.
  • Help those joining full time ministry to find existing ministries where they can live out their vision.
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SOW – School Of Worship

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SOW aims at training true worshipers of the next wave to lead our generation into the changing presence of Jesus and to disciple the nations through worship. The school provides a broad understanding of worship, and some of the topics are: into the presence of God through worship, worship in different cultures, how worship works in intersession and spiritual warfare. The school gives you courage to lead worship and write songs. You will also gain lots of practical experience in leading worship in church and in mission fields, to be equipped to serve Christ’s body and the lost world through music.

While we equip students in musical skills, we also have on our hearts to move the hearts and minds of the disciples to show their love for God through practical service. We aim at producing steady worshippers who can teach and lead others to biblical worship. During the school we also want to help the disciples to find their personal gifts. We believe that through worshipping lifestyle social and cultural walls existing among people and nations can be broken. We want to train leaders who are regardless of the place or time ready to serve others as God leads.


In Koivumäki February 2019


The goals of SOW

  • Teach everyone to be loud
  • Sing slow hymns
  • Jump like crazy
  • Enjoy life! 😀
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Here’s what others are saying about YWAM Finland

As both of my children were growing up, they had a heart for serving and missions.  YWAM has allowed them to use the gifts that God has put in their hearts!  In the last 9 years, I have seen them grow in those giftings – what a blessing! Thank you YWAM!  

Carolyn, Michigan, USA

Doing DTS is the best investment into my life I have ever made. The things I learned and experienced as well as the principles I acquired are valuable capital in my life. I got into a deeper relationship with God and received tools to build my faith in church and in everyday life.”

Taneli, Pastor - Pori Pentecostal Church