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DTS in HELSINKI is on break until 2023


The Discipleship Training School is an intensive training program aimed for young adults (18-35yrs) made up of two parts: the lecture phase in the beautiful city of Helsinki, and an outreach abroad. During the 10 week lecture phase, we will focus on knowing God, His world, and our place in it. We will be hearing from different teachers each week from both Finland & Abroad. We at YWAM value teachers who do first then teach, in other words they walk the walk before they talk the talk. The teaching will be intensive, challenging, as well as Holy Spirit led. In addition to the lectures, we will also be learning from community living, small groups, homework assignments, mentoring times, worship & intercession, weekly outreaches, and practical work duties. Our mornings start with our personal quality time with God, followed by prayer & worship. ,

(NOTE: All teaching will be either conducted or translated into both Finnish & English)

Our afternoons will also be spent together in study sessions, processing groups, mentoring times, local outreaches, practical work duties, etc…

After our time in the classroom is over, we will head off on our outreachwhich will focus on making God known by applying what we’ve learned in the classroom through an intense, 8 week cross-cultural mission trip. During the outreach you will get to see and experience what missions work looks as you serve and share the Gospel while ministering with your team.

Finally we will spend our last week together debriefing what we’ve learned and preparing to apply it to our next stage of life!

Truly this will be a hands-on, full-time, and life-changing 5 months!

Note: There is both a minimum & maximum number of students that we are able to take in order for it to be the best possible experience for you.


DTS in Helsinki is on break until 2023

Location: Apollonkatu 5 B 37, 00100 Helsinki


– Registration Fee: 200€ – You pay this AFTER being accepted. This fee is non-refundable.

– Lecture Phase Cost: 2300€ Includes housing, food, mini-outreach in Finland, travel within Finland, and of course the teaching.

– Outreach Cost 2000-2500€ Includes flights, accommodation, food, and transportation in the country/s of destination. This does not include possible visas, medications, vaccinations, insurance or spending money.

All in all, DTS costs amount to approximately 1000€ per month or approximately 5000€ for the entire school including both lecture & outreach expenses. Specifics of outreach costs will be released during the lecture phase.

All students coming from abroad are required to pay the registration fee and lecture phase in full before any invitation letter or assistance can be given in acquiring a tourist visa.

Lower Fees for Developing Nations

The University of the Nations International, using information supplied by the United Nations and other sources, ranks countries in three categories (A,B,C) based on their per capita income.  See which category your nation is in here: https://uofn.edu/nation-category-list

Students from C or B category nations may apply for a discount, subject to availability and conditions. To apply for this discount, be sure to mention it in your DTS application. NOTE: this applies to the full cost of the course only, and may NOT be stacked with other tuition discounts. This discount applies for lecture phase only and does not apply to outreach. Discount amount and/or country assignments are subject to change at any time, at the discretion of YWAM Helsinki.

B Country – 900€ discount
C Country – 1350€ discount



For more information or if you have any questions ask us by emailing: helsinki@ywam.fi 

YWAM Helsinki

YWAM Helsinki is a community of passionate Jesus-lovers committed to know God and make Him known. Our mission is to ‘Transform society- Reach the Nations’. Our hearts burn for sharing the gospel, spreading the kingdom of God and discipling youth. YWAM Helsinki is a base still being pioneered join us and let’s build it together!

To learn more send us an email or check out our Facebook!

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Get to Know the Team

Niki Manninen
Niki ManninenLeadership Team Member
Niki was born and raised in Jyväskylä, Finland. He did his DTS in 2013 and has been working with YWAM Helsinki since 2015. Niki was radically saved in 2011 when he personally  experienced the transformational power of the Gospel. Niki’s passion is to tell people about Jesus and see the Gospel’s power radically changing people’s lives all over the world, whether that happens in a store, at the gym, or on the streets of Helsinki. He loves to work together with his wife Amy, and they are both excited to jump into new adventures with God!

Amy Manninen
Amy ManninenLeadership Team Member
Amy was born in Maryland but grew up on Sanibel Island, Florida. She did her DTS in Ruurikkala, Finland in 2013 and has been working with YWAM Helsinki since 2014. Amy enjoys journeying together with seekers towards God’s intended design for each individual. She is fascinated by peoples’ stories, and longs to build deep and meaningful relationships. She explores creativity in both music and arts, both inside and outside church walls. It is her joy to open her home and make space for God encounters. She loves 1 God, 1 man, and 1 nation: Jesus, Niki & Finland.

Tom Pesonen
Tom PesonenLeadership Team Member, Contact Person
Tom has Finnish roots but has lived most of his life in Australia. He did his DTS in Brisbane in 2000 and after that going on many mission trips to India and Russia to name a few. Tom is passionate about helping people find their God-given calling and to live a Christ-like daily life. He and his wife Emma have four children together. Tom enjoys building lego with his kids and reading a good book.

Susanna Kivistö
Susanna KivistöStaff
Elise Pirkola
Elise PirkolaStaff
Iida Mursula
Iida MursulaStaff

Have questions? Let us know!

Email helsinki@ywam.fi

If you are coming from outside of the European Union you need a 90 day tourist-visa, which could cost a certain amount depending where you are from and your country’s own laws. For EU-citizens it’s visa-free.

Our staff is praying for God’s guidance and we will announce the country/countries at the beginning of the school. Some of our previous locations have been for example: Greece, Brazil and the Philippines i.a.

Every school is unique and we are eagerly waiting for where God is going to lead us for the next school.

We would be thrilled to have you join us on staff to share the kingdom of God in Helsinki and from here to the nations! You can contact us through e-mail and we would love to answer all of your questions. Then we will send you the staff application form so you can apply. Contact us with email to helsinki@ywam.fi

Want to know more? Email: helsinki@ywam.fi