King’s Kids Finland

King’s Kids Finland is a ministry of YWAM Finland. Internationally, the King’s Kids
Ministry is now in over 160 nations and continuously expanding.

King’s Kids is based on volunteer work. Common values and principles direct the work of leaders, staff
members and everybody else on board. Although King’s Kids groups often work with local churches, the
ministry is interdenominational and children, youth and adults from different churches are welcome to join.

Unity between generations, churches and nations is an asset in King’s Kids. Different generations can grow
in the knowledge of God through working together and learning from each other. Children and youth are
given the opportunity to live a Christian life through serving with their talents. Youth are encouraged to
grow in leadership, go international and cooperate with people from different churches and cultures.

Goals of the King’s Kids Ministry:

  • to inspire the generations to work together in every sphere of society, all over the world
  • to equip children, youth, families and leaders to carry out the work of God
  • to reach the people who have not yet heard the gospel
  • to take care of children, youth and families in need

Regional leaders form a national team that helps the workers at King’s Kids to plan and effectively carry out
ministry work. They also lead the ministry of their area, which can include camps, outreaches and events.
Local groups are led by local leaders. Some do King’s Kids ministry alongside other work, whereas other
people have it as a part of their jobs, like some church workers.

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Contact Us

King’s Kids Finland
PL 39
02771, Espoo

National Coordinator: Ilona Saarela
Tel: +35840 832 6397