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We are followers of Jesus passionate about seeing God’s kingdom in every life, area of society and nation, specially in those still unreached. We are part of the YWAM family of ministries and for that reason stand behind the international values and principles of YWAM. See the values of YWAM here. We are a pioneer team, established in Vantaa in the fall of 2020.


God gave us this name in prayer and it reflects some of the needs of this world. There is a great need to belong and fight the feeling of loneliness and individualism. We want to create a space where people can feel accepted, embraced, included and welcomed. On the other hand we would love to see people opening their hearts to Jesus. As a result of these two together people would be able to accept new ideas, a renewal of their mind – a “metanoia” (greek: μετάνοια, a change of mind) that only the gospel produces. Lastly we want to be like an airport where people can arrive with different dreams, ideas, ministries and be received enthusiastically – be a place where they can grow, develop and be sent out.




We are just starting but, we will love to see you working side by side with us, building God’s Kingdom.

Norberto Nuñez
Norberto NuñezPioneer
“I did my DTS in 2004 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and since then I have been serving with YWAM. I love reading books as well as study philosophy, I also enjoy playing music and cooking.”
Sanna Pauliina Luodes
Sanna Pauliina LuodesPioneer
“I joined YWAM in 2003 when I did my DTS in Buenos Aires. After having served 15 years in YWAM Argentina and later having returned to my country, Finland, I feel at home in both places. I love people, cultures and talking.”







These are some of the ministries we are pioneering right now, but we are super excited to see what other opportunities come out through the people to come. God spoke to us of being an airport where people can join and together originate new and innovative ministries.


We want to serve the church by providing different types of seminars, the Discipleship Training School (as it is the heart of our mission), also second levels UofN schools, like School of Frontier Missions, and more.

Areas of Society

It is our desire to impact Finland and the nations and be relevant in inventive ways bringing God’s Kingdom into each one of them.

Kids and Youth

This generation needs to hear the news of the gospel in a way that is relevant and meaningful for them. We want to cooperate with King’s Kids ministry to reach the families, kids, teenagers, and youth of this generation.


It Is our heart to mobilize and challenge people to be trained and send out to the nations; especially to the least-reached people groups.

Mercy Ministries

We believe that God’s love is expressed in practical ways. We want to be a support and share this love in different ways to the people in need like the elderly and lonely, people that suffer from addictions.


We want to share the gospel with the lost on the streets, in homes, festivals, anywhere we go starting from our neighbors, in a creative and culturally sensitive way.


Our team is based in the city of Vantaa. It is the fourth biggest city of Finland with a population of around 237 000. Together with Helsinki, Espoo and Kauniainen it forms the capital region of Finland. Vantaa is a fast growing multicultural city with over 120 native languages spoken. It hosts Finland’s biggest airport.


YWAM Embrace

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Team leaders: Norberto and Sanna Nuñez Luodes

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email: embrace@ywam.fi

Want to learn more? Email us: embrace@ywam.fi