Youth With A Mission (YWAM) is an international Christian mission organisation where people from different denominations serve Jesus together all over the world. Our calling and motto is to “know God and make Him known”. When the organisation was founded in 1960, our goal was to help young people to go on short term mission trips and enable the spreading of the Gospel. YWAM’s focus continuously is within the youth but there’s people from all generations working together -even those who choose to use their retirement days to serve God in YWAM. All our ministries are included in one of the following areas: evangelism, training, or mercy ministries. At the moment we work in over 1200 locations, in over 180 countries, and we have about 20,000 staff members. We have room for you – join us! Read more about YWAM in Finland through the links below.

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Doing DTS is the best investment into my life I have ever made. The things I learned and experienced as well as the principles I acquired are valuable capital in my life. I got into a deeper relationship with God and received tools to build my faith in church and in everyday life.”

Taneli Hieta-koivisto • Youth Pastor

“I joined a DTS because I had a great thirst for God’s Word. But DTS was much more than just a Bible school! It was a life changing time. During that time, I learned more about God everyday, got to know new people, and grew spiritually in a safe atmosphere. DTS is every believer’s basic course which equips us for living with God, ourselves, and others. Years have passed and I’m still thankful for all the experiences and all that I learned for my future.”


Couples DTS was a life changing experience to us. We learned to let go of our performance centred life, and to hold on to our relationship with God. During the Couples DTS we were able to face our own and our spouse’s pain as well as difficult things in our life, and we found a common vision and calling. For us Couples DTS was a journey which we recommend to others.

Ilkka & Riitta

“Time in the DTS was time of healing, growth, and growing roots, as well as challenging, fruitful, and unforgettable time. That was time reserved for God and His work in me. God really worked and taught me things about Him and myself. During that time I learned important truths, for instance, how God is a God of unity who has created us into healthy relationships with ourselves, others, and Him, and also how these relationships cannot be outsourced for others to take care of. I received a good tool kit to face real life and to go further in life.