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We are spread around Finland, and aim at serving widely, functioning in different gifts and callings in the changing environment. Here’s the contact information to our different ministries:


I want to see believers from different backgrounds to serve each others following the example Jesus gave us! The unity among believers is real and life-changing, but the change will not come at once – it happens one humble heart at a time!

Roope Laukkonen, YWAM Ruurikkala

I want to see God equiping and rising up youth to take over this lovely land of ours for Jesus! My heart is for building communities where young people can find Father heart of God and learn to build their life on Him.

Marjo Loponen, YWAM Kona, Hawaiji

I believe the Lord has sent me to pray for unity and revival in the churches here in Finland and also to help the youth find their identity and destiny in Christ.

Mark Erickson, YWAM Koivumäki

My dream is to see the Gospel of Jesus reaching all the nations, transferring all the spheres of society by the Word of God, and to help unreached people groups to find their place in the unity of believers.

Alice Lamula, YWAM Lapland

Our vision is to live in such a way that people around us will come to SEE, FEEL & LOVE JESUS.

Niki & Amy Manninen, YWAM Helsinki

We are dedicated to seeing His people be trained and equipped to be and do everything that God has called them to be and do.

Josh & Annu Navis, YWAM Ruurikkala

I want to serve children, youth, and families, and help them grow to their full potential as disciples of Christ.

Ilona Saarela, National coordinator, King's Kids

My vision is to see God’s kingdom come and will be done in Russia, especially in the area of Barets.

Pekka Puurunen, YWAM Lapland