YWAM Ruurikkala

YWAM Ruurikkala

The vision of YWAM Ruurikkala is above all to be a place for Gods presence and a training base for knowing God and making Him known in Finland, Israel and the nations!

Our vision is to be a healthy community, where we grow closer to God by being transparent, honest and committed to obedience ~ A center where we serve with a happy and devoted heart, working diligently and doing good to others. We are a community where the Word of God is the supreme authority, the foundation of our lives and our growth.

The focus of what we do is summed up by the idea of ‘service in three key ministry areas

1. A Centre for Prayer and Praise
2. A Training and Missions Center
3. One New Man (Ephesians 2:11-22)

Ruurikkala is a place for Gods presence, out of which we will be inspired, innovate and create new things. We believe that God will give us new ways to bless our community and our society, as well as the nations through new ideas, education and ministries. Israel is at the core of our calling, which is reflected in a diversity of ways in life at the center.

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Evijärvi Info

YWAM Ruurikkala is located in Southern Ostrobothnia in Finland, in the municipality of Evijärvi. The nearest cities with good connecting public transportation are Seinäjoki, Kokkola and Pietarsaari. The closest train station is in Kauhava and the nearest airport in Kokkola. Evijärvi offers essential services, such as a grocery store, bank, pharmacy, restaurants, post office, library, clothes store, electronics store, etc. There are also good opportunities for various activities, including a new, well-equipped gym and a wonderful sports playground for children.

Evijärvi has a lot of forest, fields and several lakes. Our asset is our clean and beautiful nature, along with many nature-friendly opportunities created around it, such as hiking trails, lean-ins, a running track, a disc golf course, etc. In winter you can enjoy cross-country skiing on a well-maintained ski track and ice skating in an ice hockey rink.

Ruurikkala is located on the shore of Lake Evijärvi, and in addition to swimming (and sauna!), the lake offers many opportunities for outdoor activities, such as rowing, SUP boarding, fishing and all kinds of water sports. In winter you can experience the joy of cross-country skiing on the lake or go ice swimming and take a dip in the icy water! For those of you who appreciate pure nature and forests, Ruurikkala’s nearby terrains offer lots of opportunity to get around in nature and even pick healthy berries, which the forests are full of!

For families with children

Evijärvi has a municipal daycare centre, as well as several family daycares, and afternoon activities for school-aged children. The district offers good educational opportunities from preschool all the way through high school.

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    Ruurikkala is located in Evijärvi, Finland

    Kirkkotie 401, 62500 Evijärvi.
    Puh. 044 544 6054.
    Email: ruurikkala@ywam.fi