KNOWING JESUS goes beyond knowledge about Him or believing that He exists. He is alive! It’s about living with Him and experiencing His love and grace in our lives. When we come to know Jesus, we understand that He is not only a historical figure or a distant God, but a friend who walks with us every day.

AS WE GROW in our relationship with Him, we begin to see the world through His eyes and become more like Him. Knowing Jesus is a lifelong journey of faith and transformation, and it brings us true joy, peace, and purpose in life.



THROUGH LEARNING to read Scripture with an awareness of the ministry of Holy Spirit to bring revelation, we can move from reading as a ‘duty’ to reading Scripture as a dynamic way to encounter the presence of God and live in his story.

THE BIBLE is used in a way that strengthens our faith, renews our mind, shapes our heart desires, and strengthens our wills to make right choices. We read, meditate, study and memorize Scripture and we use Scripture in worship and intercession and praying for others. We provide an overview of the story of the Bible, including its main themes, and how individual books and stories fit into and contribute to the whole.



EXPERIENCE a catalytic movement activating our generation. Together, we exist to mobilize a generation into their missional calling to bring the message of Jesus to neighborhoods, schools and universities, nations, and communities around the world. Get trained and connect with Carry The Love, Circuit Riders, The Legacy Project, The Send, Alttari network and beyond.



WE ARE A YWAM mission and training community. We train you to live a missional lifestyle through transformative teaching, practical training, personal coaching, and hands-on experience. Engage in real missional projects with like-minded people and discover your purpose by adopting, serving, and reaching a mission field at home, with your church or abroad.


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DTS is a 6 month experience that will transform your life by pushing you to know God and make Him known. This training meets the requirements for both a YWAM DTS and Alttari worship and intercession school credentials.

TRAINING PHASE 9.9.–1.12.2024
Seek God with all your heart, hear His voice and find your place in His plan. Learn from spiritual leaders with years of experience and put your learning right into practice.

OUTREACH PHASE 2.12.2024–23.2.2025
Travel the world with a team, meet real needs and show people the love and power of the gospel. In the outreach phase you will experience new cultures, work alongside local believers and lead people to Jesus.

Training phase 3000€
Outreach phase 2500-3500€ (depending on outreach location)
Prices cover all content, travel, housing, food etc. (does not cover travel to and from Tampere at the start or end of the program)

Training phase is at YWAM Teopolis, Tampere. You get to experience the sauna capital of the world with beautiful nature right next to pulsing urban life! Finland is the happiest country in the world and Tampere is the happiest city in Finland. You are welcome! Outreach locations will be decided during the training phase.

You will be housed on campus in dorms as a part of our live-learn enviroment.

We love languages and the nations! Lectures will be mostly in English, some in Finnish with English translation. You will be expected to have at least conversational English skills.

Check out our frequently asked questions below. You can also email us at teopolis@ywam.fi.


Experience DTS does not qualify for Kela Student Benefits (opintotuki).

Because of our dorm-style housing, living on campus is very affordable. With dorms we are not able to make rental agreements that would qualify you for Kela Housing Benefits.

Definitely! We have some family/couples housing on campus as well as a Christian kindergarden. Contact us at teopolis@ywam.fi and we will help you out!

Our training phase is shorter than 90 days, which is the amount of visa-free days many nationalities outside Schengen have to Finland. Contact us at teopolis@ywam.fi if you need help!