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School of Inspiration, Innovation & Influence invites you to join us as we are privileged to have Matt Rawlins teaching us on Leadership, Humility and Communication in the midst of Tension.

This three-day seminar will provide you with insights into your own leadership, as well as tools to continue communicating effectively when faced with challenges. We believe it will serve you to be fully present in whatever domain you are working in.


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Note: We have a limited number of beds, so be quick to get yours!

Introduction to our guest speaker:

Matt Rawlins spent 20 years working in missions in Asia and the Pacific, where he submerged himself in different cultures and worked with people from a variety of diverse backgrounds.

In his work, Matt became fascinated by people’s reactions to tension and uncertainty. He saw how people on the mission field, in the midst of the unknown, often blindly responded out of fear instead of courage.  This raised the question, how does a leader show up and be fully present in the midst of tension? It also inspired Matt to more deeply study change. He finished his PhD in leadership and communication from the University of Wales in 2001.

Since then, Matt has made it a priority to help people understand who they are in God and how to express Him in whatever challenging situation their faith finds them in. He’s found that if people can prepare for those moments of greatest uncertainty, then they can offer the very best of who they are instead of reacting out of fear.

Matt has written over 20 books exploring inquiry-based leadership, how to lead in the midst of the unknown, and how to dismantle assumptions to create space for growth. Currently, he splits his time between working with churches and missions agencies and consulting with large corporations on how to lead their companies forward in the midst of a rapidly changing world.


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