A New Wave of Missions

YWAM Teopolis

YWAM Teopolis is a new ministry initiative downtown Tampere. Teopolis (theos = God; polis = city) is a center for Christian education owned by Evangelical Free Church of Finland. Theological School of Finland and YWAM Teopolis operate in partnership to provide training for future pastors, missionaries and ministry leaders. It is a place where formal theological training, practical ministry and knowing God come together.

Our vision is to mobilize a new wave of missions from Finland to the nations of the world.

The number of Finnish missionaries working overseas has plummeted in the 21st century: In 2000 we had 1080 Finnish missionaries serving abroad. In 2015 that number was 592 and it has continued to drop. Old missionaries are retiring and young people are not interested. That is not okay!

We are living in unprecedented times in terms of world evangelization! Finnish people cannot miss out on what God is doing in the world. It is time for a new generation to rise up and go!

Join the movement!

Contact us

YWAM Teopolis
Sairaalankatu 5-7
33100 Tampere

Contact person: Henri Hermunen
Puh: 0443140002
Email: teopolis@ywam.fi

Our staff

Henri, Tata & Amani Hermunen
Henri, Tata & Amani HermunenContact Person, School Leaders
Joona Kuusikoski
Joona KuusikoskiStaff
Sofia Vesalainen
Sofia VesalainenStaff
Heather Kirkpatrick (USA)
Heather Kirkpatrick (USA)School Leader
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Looking for more information? Email: teopolis@ywam.fi