Info letter for together gathering 3.-6.1.2018

Thank you for joining Together Event. We are looking forward to celebrating together here we have more information about the event.

Remember to follow our social media accounts. There will be more information both before and during the event.

at facebook:

at instagram:


Fees for attending:

They have to be paid till 31.12.2018

King’s Kids Finland / Missionuoret – YWAM Finland Ry

bank account: FI46 80002710154716 (Danske Bank)

Reference number: 2079

Every person that has filled the registration form, has to collect the fees from all the people that they have signed up and pay all of them at the same time.

Take a copy of your receipt with you, and you will receive a ticket for the event after showing the receipt at the registration.

If someone from your group that signed up and is unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible. The registration fee will be refunded only for health reasons.

Fees:                       3-12        13-older

Thursday – Sunday     66e         83e

Friday – Sunday          43e         68e

Saturday – Sunday     25e         40e

Friday                         18e         30e

Saturday                     18e         30e

Sunday                       12e         20e

Fees for attendees who only visit during a day doesn’t include breakfast

Prices for children from the same family are discounted by 50% discount beginning with the third child.

Daily price does not include breakfast.

0-2 years  are free of charge.

Friday – Saturday accomodation at christian school is 5e/person. Saturday you can by breakfast from the kiosk for extra charge with cash.


Signing up for workshops

Signing up for workshops happens through this link and it needs to be done separately for every attendee:

You can find introductions for every channel in our social media. Here is a direct link to facebook:


Sending music-, picturesand video files

All material that is presented in the event must be sent to this address by 31.12

If the file is too big to send via email, download it to your cloud (for example dropbox) and send the link via email.

Name the files in the the right order according to this instructions:

Date of the presentation_Name of the event_tribe/base/speakers name_song/ad etc name_ presentation order

example: Sunday_event6_tribe of westfinland_light wins_ song1 mp3

Please also send as clear instructions as possible about the file and what it’s for and when it’s supposed to be presented via email.


King’s Kids 30 yearsmemory wall and social media challenge

Saturday and Sunday, there will be King’s Kids 30th Anniversary memory wall. Please bring  pictures and other memories for important moments in King’s Kids that are easily attachable to the wall.

Also, please memorise already beforehand when and how you have started in King’s Kids and what has your time with King’s Kids looked like so far.

Also, remember to participate in the social media challenge during and before the weekend by writing or taking video about the funniest, most memorable and moving memory of King’s Kids. Add it on Facebook or Instagram by using #kingskids30v


Information about the Anniversary party

Saturday at 3 pm we’ll celebrate King’s Kids 30th Anniversary. You can dress up the way you want to. maybe in a costume, or fancy evening dress or according to some theme. best costumes will be awarded

After the Anniversary party we will celebrate together by bringing food and sweets for others to eat and enjoying what everybody else has brought. it can be a cake, pulla, sweets, chips or whatever you want to bring. You can also bring food together with your base or tribe.

Please don’t bring nuts. products that say, may contain nuts are okay though.

If you bake the food yourself, please bring an ingredients list to post for all to see.


What to bring with you

Receipt that shows you have paid the attendance fee

Receipt of the shirt you have purchased beforehand

Travel mattress, sleeping bag and a pillow (except for those who have accomodation in YWAM Teopolis they only need sheets)

King’s Kids Outfit for possible presentation

Extra clothes

Hygiene products

Shoes to wear inside (in christian school you can’t wear outdoor shoes)

Money for possible extra purchases

There is YWAM & King’s Kids wall calendars to be sold for 2019 (15e), KK T-Shirts (15e kids sizes and 20e adult sizes) also there is a kiosk, where you can purchase coffee, tee and small treats

Bible and notepad to take notes

Pictures and stuff you want to bring to the memory wall

Anniversary party clothes

Food for the Anniversary party

Crochet flowers for elderly homes


Arrival and parking

Thursday and Fridays events are held in Teopolis (Sairaalankatu 5-7). There is a parking lot next to Teopolis and most of the spots that are reserved to STO and SVK are for use to the attendees of Together Event. When you arrive to the registration desk you will be given a parking ticket and information about where you can park with that permission.

Saturday and Sunday events are held in christian school at Tampere (Ketarantie 4)

There is a picture attached with marks about where you can park.

If you arrive with public transportation, you find the routes and timetables for those in here:*3326933*6823534) .

From railway station there is a short trip to Teopolis even by walking. To the christian school it’s about 30 minutes by bus


Thursday and Friday registration is at the lobby at Teopolis. Registration starts at 4 pm event starts at dinner together at 5 pm and first event is at 6pm

Saturday morning registration will be at the christian school registration desk. You can see the entrance also drawn in the attached image.

Registration starts at 10am lunch will be served at 10.30-12.00 and first event is at 12.00

Attendees who arrive later at Saturday or Sunday can register at the infodesk at the christian school.



There is a dormitory accommodation with each attendee bringing their own mattresses (except attendees who have been informed about a bed accomodation at YWAM Teopolis) attendees who arrive at Thursday will sleep at Teopolis and attendees who arrive Friday and Saturday will sleep at the christian school.



In Teopolis eating happens in Teopolis cafeteria.

In christian school lunch and dinner will be served in the christian school cafeteria as well as breakfast will be served there on Sunday.

eating will happen in three waves. each tribe and base will receive the information about their turn at the infodesk and information paper that is in the cafeteria.

Saturday – Sunday midday snack and evening snack will be served in snack stations which are located in the lobby.

Saturday and Sunday you can buy coffee and tea in the kiosk. Coffee will not be served with the meals



according the values of YWAM and King’s Kids we will attend attend the event by also helping in the kitchen. Washing dishes and wiping the tables have been divided like this: leader of every base or tribe leader organises their tribe and staff to help in their turn.

Saturday lunch:

washing dishes YWAM Ruurikkala 4 people

wiping the tables: Länsi-Suomen tribe 3 people

Saturday dinner:

washing dishes, YWAM Helsinki 4 people

wiping the tables, Etelä-Suomen tribe 3 people

Sunday breakfast:

washing dishes,  YWAM Oulu and PoPo-heimo 4 people

wiping the tables, Keski-Suomen tribe 3 people

Sunday lunch:

washing dishes, YWAM Koivumäki 4 people

wiping tables, Itä-Suomen tribe 3 people


Tribe presentations and testimonies, prayer for tribes and bases

Every King’s kids tribe has 15 minutes of tribe time, which they can use however they see best.

This year you have to include prayer and thanksgiving topics, which tribe can present any way they want.

Also every YWAM base gets an opportunity to share prayer and thanksgiving topics, which they can present any way they want.

After every presentation we will pray for YWAM base and tribe from that region.

We also want to challenge one person from tribes and bases to share a short testimony or a thought about God, faith, about base or a tribe etc. This testimony has to be short max 2 minutes. Inform to Ilona Saarela at the start of the day who is the person from your tribe or base that shares.

Presentations will be in next order:

Saturday first event 12 pm

tribe of Keski-Suomi – soundcheck at 11.00 am

YWAM Teopolis

tribe of Etelä-Suomi – soundcheck at 11.30 am

YWAM Helsinki

Saturday third event at 18.30 pm

tribe of Itä-Suomei – soundcheck at 17.30 pm

YWAM Koivumäki

tribe of Popo- eli Pohjois-Suomen ja Pohjanmaan  – soundcheck at 18.00 pm

YWAM Ruurikkala


Sunday sixth event at 13.30 pm

tribe of Länsi-Suomi


Elderly Home visits

On Sunday we will visit elderly homes of Tampere. you will receive more information at the event about which home you will visit.

Every group has 15 minutes to share and show their presentation.

Those who are not part of the show will engage with the elders through conversations and possibly prayer, if you get permission.

YWAMmers are prepared to keep a 5 to 10 minutes testimony that is suitable for that situation. It has to be clear and simple. we will give flowers that we have made by knitting.

instructions are here:


First aid

First aid stations are both in Teopolis and christian school next to the infodesk

at Teopolis Thursday and Friday Tarja Hyttinen, p. 044 570 9529. is in charge of First aid

at christian school Saturday and Sunday Heli Keränen, p. 050 373 8074. is in charge of first aid


Prayer room and prayer service

Saturday and Sunday there is an active prayer room which is open during breaks. There is also possibility to personal prayer service.



At Teopolis on Thursday and Friday, you can purchase small treats and drinks at Fazer Amica Restaurant.

At christian school grade 8 students are selling coffee, tea and small treats to fund their class trip. There is no coffee or tea served at Saturday and Sunday, so if you want coffee or tea, please take cash with you.


Kids Room Thursday and Friday

During events there is two adults in the kids room (under 6 years old with a parent)

you can also use kids room at free times with parental supervision responsibility.


Photographs and videos

During the event there will be a person who takes videos and photographs that may be used in social media or printed advertisements that King’s Kids or YWAM Finland may use to advertise.



During the event there is a liability insurance provided by organiser. Everybody has to take care of their own accident insurance.




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