Worship DTS

There is a brand new Discipleship Training School (DTS) taking place in Ruurikkala. It is organized in cooperation with Alttari Worship School!

YWAM DTS welcomes all singles and couples alike, the minimum age is 18 years. This DTS offers a great opportunity to find and develop your calling in the area of praise and worship. We invite you to be refreshed spiritually, to deepen your relationship with God as well as to learn more about worship together with other international worshippers.


Our goal is to see you grow in your relationship with God, and to recognize how that creates a natural flow to share the gospel with others. We want to equip you to share the good news about Jesus to the world who needs Him. Join the united line with other like-minded and like-gifted people! Come learn together as we sharpen each other in our service to the Lord.


The program consists of a four month lecture phase and a two month outreach.

Lecture phase 17.8.2022 – 6.1.2023

During these four months we will dive into teaching that changes lives with our visiting teachers, small groups, and personal mentoring. In addition, the school is connected to Alttari Worship School through weekly Zoom teachings and Worship weekends. We will travel around Finland learning more about worship during the school.

The students will also do practical work in work duties to learn to work as a team and to serve others with all their hearts.

Teaching topics

  • The Character of God and Hearing His voice
  • Spiritual Warfare and Intercession
  • Worship and Intimacy
  • The Fear of God and the Father Heart of God
  • The Holy Spirit and walking in the Spirit
  • Sin, Redemption, and the Cross
  • Our Identity in Christ
  • Godly Relationships
  • How to Study the Bible
  • Biblical Worldview
  • Evangelism and the Missions
  • The principles of Leadership

Fall break 17.-23.10, Christmas break 16.-28.12.

Lecture phase fee is 3200€ including meals, accommodation, lectures, and all trips during the lecture phase. Ask for a family price!

Outreach 9.1.-3.3.2023

The outreach price varies between 1000€- 2600€ depending on the destination. The price includes meals, accommodation and the travels.


Any questions?  ruurikkala@ywam.fi is here to serve you!



Vision of Alttari -worship school
Building an Altar
Our hearts are an altar where we give ourselves to God as a living sacrifice. Our vision is that in addition to the personal altar we desire to build a corporate altar to God in Finland. We want to be a church set ablaze and purified and keep the altar of our hearts in a place where God’s fire may always burn (Lev 3:16).
Thousand Levites
We are hearing the Lord calling us to set apart one thousand Levites to serve at the altar day and night in prayer and worship. We believe that God wants to rebuild the tent of David (Acts 15:16) and preserve the covering of intercession and foundation on our land.
We are to fill Finland with Worship
Our assignment is to fill the earth with worship from south to the north and west to the east, because the glory of God dwells among the praises of His people (Ps 22:3). We want to hear a new song arise in Finland! We also want to receive the inheritance that the generations before built and give it forward.
Our hearts are crying out together with the Holy Spirit: “Come, Lord Jesus!” (Rev 22:17). Maranatha is a calling for the church, the bride, to prepare herself and buy oil for her lamps, so that they would be burning when He comes back!
Alttari -Worship school is separate program organized by NorthWind Church (Helsinki) and YWAM Finland. It’s suitable for those who are studying or working full-time. It includes weekly online -teachings and four in-person teaching weekends in four corners of Finland. Email to music@northwind.church for more info.
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17.Aug.22 - 10.Mar.23


08:00 - 18:00


3200€ + outreach


YWAM Ruurikkala
Kirkkotie 401, 62500 Evijärvi


YWAM Ruurikkala