Harvest DTS 2019

Harvest DTS is a Bible based six month training designed to encourage personal growth and to cultivate a living relationship with God. DTS is actually an adventure directed by the student and Jesus together. The school, teachers and staff create a practical environment where students are challenged to strengthen their personal relationships with Jesus, grow as His disciples, and identify their unique individual gifts and callings in God. DTS prepares the students to reach current and future generations and answer the call to “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19).

Harvest DTS consists of two parts: a lecture phase in Ruurikkala, Finland and an outreach phase somewhere in the world. During the lecture phase, we have a different topic and teacher from Finland or abroad every week. The teaching is intense, challenging and Holy Spirit driven. Teachers share their lives with students and help them apply the teachings into their lives.

The lecture phase is followed by an outreach phase when we travel to the lands of the Bible as short term missionaries. We will have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves in the new situation as well as learn to trust God’s guidance in daily matters. We work by being Jesus’s hands, feet, and mouths by helping, serving and sharing God’s love.

Training takes place in English and in Finnish.


  • Lecture phase 2200€ (including accommodation, food, teaching and learning materials)
  • Outreach 2300€ (including travels, accommodation, food, teaching and learning materials)

Prices do not include passport, possible visas, vaccinations or travel insurance.


  • Strengthen your personal relationship with God.
  • Find your calling and gifts.
  • Get to see Jesus work through you and be encouraged to share about your faith in a natural way.

Apply to Harvest DTS
Begin the application process by filling in the application form where you are asked to shortly answer questions about your life and Christian believes to help us get to know you. You are also to ask three people who know you well (one to be your pastor or spiritual leader) to fill in reference forms for you. You’ll receive a link to the reference form once you have submitted your application. You can also apply with a paper application: You’ll find the printable application and reference form after clicking the APPLY NOW button.

Once we’ve received your application as well as all the three reference forms, we’ll prayerfully read through your application and contact you!



We ask you to be honest when answering the questions, try not to underestimate or overestimate yourself. Your motivation for applying to this DTS is important when we evaluate your application. Therefore take your time to fill out the application carefully and prayerfully! Please have your referees fill out the reference forms honestly and privately. Every application will be treated confidentially. If you have any questions about the application process, please email us at ruurikkala@ywam.fi. Hope to hear from you!

Please note!

If you are from outside the EU or Schengen Area, you might need a visa to enter Finland and/or the outreach destination. However, if a tourist visa from your country allows you to spend up to 90 days in Finland, you can join the school with that! The lecture phase is less than 90 days.


1.Aug.19 - 20.Dec.19


YWAM Ruurikkala
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