School of Evangelism

School of Evangelism
5th June -3rd November 2017
Tampere, Finland
The SOE was the first YWAM training school. It grew out of the vision of God. It was needed to further train and prepare YWAMers in the early days of the mission. The first one was started in Lausanne, Switzerland and run by Loren and Darlene Cunningham.
Today, the SOE exists worldwide, but in only a handful of locations. the focus of an SOE is on preparing the individual for a career in full time Christian service the curriculum is designed to train students to be evangelists, strengthen character, build solid foundations, discover gifts, and develop ministry skills. The SOE consists of 12 weeks of Lecture phase and 10 weeks of cross-cultural outreach in Finland and in other countries where God leads the school to reach out.
The Aims of the SOE
 – To train people in evangelism through teaching and practical experience.
 – To help people discover their gifts and calling.
 – To pioneer new ministries according to the vision of the student, staff and YWAM Koivumäki and
 – To place long-term workers on existing ministries.
Phase One- Train and Equip
We are praying that God does some amazing things through this School of Evangelism. Our heart is to see students come in from all over, that are ready to be stretched and start being involved more in our spheres of society. We need to be better equipped as we reach out and become and influence to our cities as well as the rest of the world. We know it is so much on God’s heart and we’re excited to see all that happens…
What will be covered in the SOE?
•Personal Evangelism
•Servant/Spiritual Leadership
•Worship and Spiritual Warfare
•How to communicate why you believe what you believe as Christians
•Pioneering new ministries/Church Planting
•How to reach out to cities more effectively
•Cross Cultural Evangelism/ Eastern Worldview
•Discipleship and Bible Studies
•The work of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism and understanding the importance of the principles of communication with God
.Public speaking
•And More!!!
Throughout this school we will be actively involved in different types of ministry and evangelism on a weekly basis. We want to be able to pray throughout the city, get a heart for what God is already doing and reach out to those around us. We will be doing different types of Evangelism, so we can see the different ways God can work through us.
Phase Two ~ Outreach
Each student will embark on a ten week overseas outreach designed during phase one. Unlike DTS outreaches, where you may move around to different cities and/or countries and sample a wide variety of ministries, SOE students are encouraged to develop a tailor-made program inspired by their passions and giftings.
SOE outreaches in the past have included a team of 10 people living and doing life together but serving in different ministries. Some students may spend the majority of their week teaching English in a slum, others might partake in sports ministries or volunteering at an orphanage. Staff will help you find a ministry that is perfect for you.
Completion of the YWAM-DTS (Discipleship Training School & Field Assignment – IDS 701/702) or YWAM-CDTS (Crossroads Discipleship Training School – IDS 703/704).
* Important Note
All students will be required to have health insurance for the lecture phase and purchase travel insurance for the outreach phase of all schools. If a student does not have health coverage they must purchase a travel / health package for both the lecture and outreach phases of the school.
Youth With A Mission will be running the school in Tampere, Finland. For more details email us at