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Welcome from the bottom of our hearts to TOGETHER Gathering 3.-6.1. 2019 in Tampere!  In 2019 King’s Kids National Joy Days are held together with YWAM Finland Staff days. All King’s Kids and YWAMers are invited to celebrate together from Thursday to Sunday with amazing teachings, worship together, inspiring testimonies and workshops that will build you up. There is also an outreach to spread gospel and lots of other fun things to share to the elderly homes in Tampere!

Thursday and Friday there is program that is planned especially for youth and adults but everybody is welcomed despite age. There will be a game-/play room for children during the sessions. 6 years and under with their own parent/other supervisor.

Saturday and Sunday program is planned for all ages.  On Saturday, you can choose from different workshops. During the weekend, but specially on Saturday, we will celebrate King’s Kids Finland’s 30th birthday.  Each King’s Kids Tribe will perform for 15 minutes on either Saturday or Sunday. The main speaker for Saturday and Sunday events is Henri Hermunen from YWAM Teopolis.

Together Gathering begins Thursday at 16:00 with registration followed by dinner at 17:00. First event starts at 18:00.  Thursday and Friday events are held in Teopolis (Sairaalankatu 5-7) and Saturday and Sunday events are held at Tampere Christian School (Ketarantie 4). Dormitory accommodation will be in Teopolis for those who arrive Thursday.  Those arriving Saturday will be housed in Tampere Christian School, where registration will start at 10:00. Gathering ends Sunday at 14:30.

Dormitory accommodation means mattresses. Instead of dormitory accommodation, for an additional expense, there is a possibility to reserve a room from Summer Hostel Joutsen, which is located right next to Teopolis. Or of course you are free to use all the other hotels and hostels of tampere.  In addition, there are a limited number of beds you can also reserve from YWAM Teopolis which are 5e/person/night. These beds go primarily to those who have age restriction or some other restriction and are unable to sleep at the mattresses in the dormitory accommodation.

prices             Thursday-Sunday            Saturday- Sunday

0-2 years old        0e                              0e

3-12 years old      66e                             25e

13 and older         83e                            40e

Prices for children from the same family are discounted by 50% discount beginning with the third child. The price of the gathering includes program, accommodation, and food. Price is same with and without accommodation.

During the weekend, there is effective liability insurance provided from the organiser but everybody is in responsible to have their own accident insurance.

Our main outlet of information for this gathering is Facebook @ilonpaivat2019 and Instagram @ilonpaivat2019. Please encourage everyone to join the groups, so they’ll have the most up to date information possible.

During the gathering, pictures and videos will be taken. The material might be used for in printed or online material, and for internet sites or social media for King’s Kids Finland, YWAM Finland and/or Tampere Joyseeds.

Gathering is organised by King’s Kids Finland, YWAM Finland and Joyseeds Tampere.


Registration through this link by 15.11.2018




3.tammi.19 - 6.tammi.19


Koko päivä


25€ - 83€


YWAM Teopolis

Other Organizers

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