The newest operating location (officially since 2012) in Finland is located in Southern Finland, some 120 km from Helsinki, at the facilities of Perheniemen Evankelinen Opisto (an independent Finnish educational institution). YWAM co-operates with Perheniemen Opisto in organizing YWAM DTS schools and other UofN schools. So far we’ve had six Discipleship Training Schools in Perheniemi. We are a small location with ca. 2-4 full-time staff. The Perheniemi institution and YWAM in Perheniemi also need helping hands in major renovation projects in the buildings that date to late 1800s!

The 2014 DTS will be called Mercy and Justice DTS. Read more about MJDTS here.

Be in touch with us: email: perheniemidts[ät]

The website of Perheniemen opisto (in Finnish only) – click here.